The "Ragtime Kidd" plays Not Just Ragtime

In the Kingston area I'm known as the Ragtime Kidd but I don't just play ragtime. I have also played in a duo with Doctor Drums (Gary Barratt) for many years and a few other combos.

What is Not Just Ragtime about? This album is a mix of Classic Ragtime, Boogie-woogie and ballads, some written by me and some by the original artists of that era.

Several other musicians have contributed their talents. The songs have energy and are fun to play. I hope you will hear that in the performances.

Listen to some samples

Past events include: The Quebec City Jazz Music Festival, Ottawa Jazz Music Festival, Ragtime Society of Toronto appearances, Ragtime-Jasstime Spring Festival at the Edgewood Resort U.S.A., 1000s of Tour boat cruises, University and College events, Golf and Country Clubs, CJOH television, CBC Radio, and several Municipal events for the Kingston area including the visit of Princess Diana in October 1991.


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