The "Ragtime Kidd" plays Not Just Ragtime


I love many styles of music and I believe it is healthy to accept the merits of each. I particularly like playing Boogie woogie and ragtime.

Some Ragtime samples

Vitality Rag
Maple Leaf Rag
Happy Cat Rag
Harlem Rag (recorded by Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd)
The Entertainer
Ragtime Jalopy
The Weeping Willow
Ragtime Nightingale
Swipesy Cakewalk
The Bowery Buck
Possum and Taters
Pleasant Moments
Ragtime Nightmare
12th Street Rag

Some Boogie woogie samples

Spann's Boogie
Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
Let'em Jump
Monday Struggle
Boogie Woogie on the St. Louis Blues
Do wah do
Kidd's Boogie
Honky Tonk Train
Farewell to Riverside
Choo Choo Boogie


Well, there are lots of great ballads written but here are two I wrote:

Little Bird - has a bit of a ragtime feel in the middle strain
December - pure ballad written during a December snowfall

Novelty Tunes

Here are a some more great American tunes that I recorded when I played with Doctor Drums and the Ragtime Kidd.

Yes Sir That's My Baby
Camptown Races
Oh Susanna, Dust of that Ol' Piana

NOTE: Theses songs can be purchased for $.99 each by download.

I also play many Jazz Standards, Rock and Roll and lots of popular songs.


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